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I had a bad shoulder injury, Mr Rumian repaired the damage marvellously well by keyhole (7 keyholes) leaving me, after physio, a perfectly working shoulder again. And only one tiny scar remains, fantastic. I received first class treatment both from Mr Rumian and at the One Hospital Hatfield. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Rumian.
11th July 2019
Written by a patient at One Hatfield Hospital

Dear Mr Rumian, It is now three months since I arrived at the Lister Hospital early on a Wednesday morning, ready for an operation on my right shoulder. Prior to that the range of movements available to my right arm were slowly diminishing and the level of pain, even to wash, was steadily increasing. During the morning you explained, instead of replacing the ball at the top of the arm and the cup on the shoulder, you recommended reversing the arrangement. The procedure involved setting a new metal dome onto the remains of my shoulder and fitting a shallow plastic cup to the top of my right arm. The operation went well and now, three months later, I have almost full use of the new joint to the extent where I can forget there was ever a problem. With further physiotherapy planned it seems even more improvement may be possible ! However before the operation sinks deeper into my memory, I would like to thank both you and your team for the care and effort required to make the whole procedure a success. Thank you, Best regards.
31st May 2019
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Having had two operations by Mr Rumian the last a complete shoulder replacement I can certainly recommend the treatment and skill on my behalf by this surgeon. All stages where explained clearly to me and the care was first class.My shoulder is now pain free and movement extremely good thank you Mr Rumian.
25th March 2019
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

This doctor has given me so much care and understanding over the last three an half years. He gave me a complete new shoulder which was quiet straight forward but explained to me all the way through the operation. He had such a caring bedside maner which a lot of doctors don't have. Thank you for that.
9th March 2019
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Amazing doctor, knew the issue straight away, tried non invasive first but knew when it was time for surgery. Aftercare excellent. Totally recommend.
30th January 2019
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Today i have signed from Mr A Rumian's clinic having recently undergone total shoulder replacement on both shoulders i can not thank him enough for his professionalism, being informative and caring throughout resulting in being pain free and mobile once again, truly life changing for me. and thanks to all the staff at the Lister who were amazing.
thank you
25th July 2018
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Mr Rumian was caring and knowledgeable. He explained my condition, the surgery and the possible outcomes and the risks in a clear and concise manner. I was given a choice of which clinical route to take, the recovery times and the possible complications. I was left with no doubt in what to expect.
27th June 2018
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Today I have had my final consultation with Mr Rumian reviewing the total shoulder replacement carried out last September. We are both pleased with the outcome.

Prior to my operation I had many years of pain, discomfort and the inability to undertake many tasks with my right arm/hand.

Now eight months later I have a completely functioning arm. I am pain free and my arm has a full range of motion to enable me to complete all the tasks that I need to do.

The arm is strong and is still getting stronger each week from focused exercise. I can now accomplish effortlessly and efficiently many things I struggled with previously for example: gardening, driving, sleeping on my side, the gym, cycling( vibration).

Mr Rumian is a skilled, professional with a relaxed and informative manner with patients. He has given me a new lease of life in my arm for which I am extremely grateful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Rumian and the procedures he carried out in my total shoulder replacement. I should, in hindsight, have taken the plunge some years ago but was apprehensive. I now know better.

It is worth noting that part of the recovery lies with the patient. You need to be motivated to do all the exercises set by the physiotherapist and then do more.

It has been a wonderful outcome for me.
23rd April 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Following a horrible accident, I was left with a complex shoulder injury. It was broken in several places.

Mr Rumian saw me promptly, explained my options clearly and carried out my surgery within a couple of days.

I had considerable metal work inserted to hold everything in place and the wound healed well. My visable scar is very neat.

I saw Mr Rumian at appropriate intervals so he could monitor my initial recovery and then through my physioptherapy to ensure a good outcome.

I had additional keyhole surgery last month to remove scar tissue build up and assist with my movement, I saw Mr Rumian for the last time yesterday. All the way through my treatment he has been very personable, patient and honest.

I was physically broken and in incredible pain when I met Mr Rumian - it has been a long journey - almost a year but I sincerely believe he has given me back the life I knew, my smile and my body.

I can't thank him enough.
28th March 2018
Written by a patient at Spire Harpenden Hospital

Good advice., laid out different options and associated risks, lead me to a decision I am happy with, sensible advice on post op rehab. Process not onerous. 22nd March 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Mr Rumian was patient and understanding of my needs, he made me feel at ease. I had surgery on both shoulders over a course of 4 months and each time it was dealt with quickly and with as little fuss as possible. I would and have recommended Mr Rumian to my friends and family should they need him. Excellent!
9th March 2018
Written by a patient at Spire Harpenden Hospital

Always pleasant and polite, clear on what the propblem is , what needs and has been done
28th February 2018
Written by a patient at One Hatfield Hospital

Mr Rumian understood the ailment thoroughly (a 2 year old frozen shoulder) and, following MIR scans, accurately identified the actual problem and the treatment required. Whether directly as a result of Mr Rumian's procedure or otherwise, I felt no discomfort or residual pain after 2 days and I am enjoying a return to normal movement and improved arm strength. I would be happy to endorse Mr Rumian to anyone seeking this type of medical advice and treatment.
Written by a patient at One Hatfield Hospital

Very understanding, listens and fully covers all the elements regarding the injury and possible treatments 31st January 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

A practised professional who has now treatment on both shoulders successfully and recovery has been well within the window advised. A positive approach to dealing best for his patients.
29th January 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Good treatment
16th January 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

I found Mr Rumian to be a very kind man. He explained everything to me, and even when I went back for my follow up appointment and asked him a question about something I was a bit worried about, he took the time to put my mind at ease.
8th January 2018
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

I was lucky enough to be seen by Mr Rumian following a distal biceps tendon repair on both arms. I can only but recommend Mr Rumian, he is professional, informative and able to articulate complex medical information in layman terms.

Regarding the operation itself, it has been a great success. I have got pretty much full range of motion after only 16 days, plus have no nerve issues, or sensitivity. It could not have gone any better, really pleasantly impressed.

I would highly, highly recommend Mr Rumian 11th December 2017
Written by a patient at Spire Harpenden Hospital

Mr Adam Rumian determined, following an x-ray on my left shoulder that I needed a total joint replacement. I was in a great amount of pain and unable to even put a coat on without help. I was very apprehensive as I had never heard of this procedure at all but after he explained the benefit I agreed and went ahead with the operation. I was taken to the operating theatre at around 11am on the Monday. I left Pinehill Hospital at Midday on Thursday so 3 nights stay. Mr Rumian came to see me two or three times while I was there and he said the procedure went really well and the new joint was a perfect fit. He certainly gives himself the time to explain what will happen from first consultation to the completion of the process and will answer any questions that you have. He is very positive, confident and caring. In total I was off work exactly 10 weeks and my shoulder is now pain free, mobile and I can put my coat on unaided. My right shoulder will eventually need the same treatment and I will not have any hesitation in asking my GP to refer me back to Mr Rumian when the time comes. I must mention the anathesist who I only remember seeing in my room pre-op, he also explained in detail his part in the process which I found very reassuring. So a big thanks to Mr Rumian and his theatre team some of who I probably never saw. Just one thing about the meals, it’s impossible to open up one of those small butter portions and the marmite package to put on your toast with one hand in the morning.
1st December 2017
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Mr Rumian explained every minute detail to me on my operation, and went out of his way to make sure I was happy nothing was too much trouble and spent a long time on my consultation and wasn’t in a rush to get on to his next patient. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Adam Rumian he got me back to full mobility.
1st December 2017
Written by a patient at Spire Harpenden Hospital

I cannot praise Mr Rumian highly enough. He was caring and sympathetic. I had a spur on my shoulder which he successfully diagnosed an operated on. A few days before the surgery I was almost totally incapacitated. Within 48 hours I had a range of movement that I had not had in months and now three weeks after surgery I almost have full range of movement back. Above all else the pain has almost gone. This man is a genius!!!
2nd June 2014
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

My problems were diagnosed and explained through use of a model along with the scan / x-ray pictures. All aspects of the operation were fully defined and the recovery needs were made clear.
22nd May 2014
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

DR Rumian did ORIF of my elbow a year ago, but I have some irritation in the fixation although my fracture was healed very well and I was very happy with the movement, but due to some irritation I wanted my internal fixation to get removed, I was very scared before my operation because I have been told that their are some risk of nerve damage, I am really very Thankful to DR Rumian that everything went well and i got my hand back almost same as before.
4th April 2014
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Operation for Non-union broken clavicle- plated. Took the time to outline all the pro's and con's of surgery and 6 weeks later clean bill of health and a very smooth operation- minimal scarring
2nd March 2014
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

My experiences at the PInehill Hospital for consultations, physiotherapy and as an in patient have been exceptional. The care and communication from ALL the people involved in my case has to date been brilliant and I have, without exception, been made to feel comfortable and at ease and I have been well looked after.
23rd January 2014
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

I received an excellent service from Dr. Rumian. Friendly, professional and considerate in his work and manner. He listened and took time to understand my views and concerns. Felt very assured by his knowledge and expertise.
4th December 2013
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

Right from the start of my referral, Dr Rumian was always positive about the treatment and surgery I was going to undergo. This inspite of my age (60) and my chronic condition of RA, he felt there could be some improvement from the effects of a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. After surgery, Dr Rumina was honest about his findings regarding the state of the cartilage damage due to RA and was realistic about the level of improvement in pain relief and restored function that I might experience. I have considerable improvement in function and also rarely experience any pain at all.So from a patient perspective I am delighted I had the operation and with the result. The face to face dr patient appointments always made me feel relaxed and able to share openly and easily any concerns and thing were described in a very understandable way. I always like to know what problems there might be and this was explained clearly. Many, many thanks- a great doctor-approachable and highly skilled.
1st December 2013
Written by a patient at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

I have had total shoulder replacementfor both shoulder joints one in Jan. 2013 the second in Aug 2013. There were two occaisions that were not as good as should be expected: I nearly missed my pre-op check because the appointment letter was not posted and on the day of discharge after first op. the wound dressing was not changed and the wound not checked before I left the ward. Apart from this my care whilst on the ward was first class. The second operation was performed on time and the post-op care was excellent. Dr Rumian explained how the procedures would be carried out and answered all my questions clearly using words that were understandable to a non-professional liked myself. He looked in on me sevaral times whilst on the ward and kept me well informed about the way the procedure was completed. Follow-up out-patient appointments were arranged to check on the progess being made with the recovery and levels of improvement in the increased arm movement following physiotherapy.
4th November 2013
Written by a patient at Pinehill Hospital

I had a primary reverse polarity total prosthetic replacement of shoulder joint NEC .The treatment I received before the procedure and after could not have been better. The pain I was in before is now just a bad memory. I am able to use my arm as normal. To anyone suffering from this affliction , I would totally recomend this operation. Thank You Very Much.
7th October 2013
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

I first met Dr Rumian in 2011 when he operated to replace my left shoulder joint. The procedure was a complete success so recently he has operated again to replace my right shoulder joint. Once again all is well. the follow up care has been great and I am really grateful that I had such a caring able surgeon . He visited me every day I was in hospital and is a truly wonderful person.
20th September 2013
Written by a patient at Lister Hospital

Dr Rumian had pretty well diagnosed my ruptured biceps tendon with one look at it, but despite that confirmed it with an MRI scan that showed a far bigger problem existed in the rotator cuff. He duly operated and repaired the biceps tendon (in as far as this is practically possible) and sorted out the rotator cuff. With his prescription of physio and hydro therapies to follow the operation I quickly regained movement and am pain free while still having to work on strength over the next months. Altogether a great result. Procedurally I think "project management" of my case could have been better with Dr Rumian or his secretary pro-actively making appointments and arranging physio rather than leaving it to me to do. There was also confusion immediately post operation with me having been told I was a day patient and then actually having to stay one night to have a necessary appointment with a physiotherapist for a sling fitting and discharge discussion. I also only received the admission papers on the Friday before the Monday operation, despite the date being set well before by Dr Rumian. I suspect much of this was the hospital but it shows there are cracks in the total process.
10th September 2013
Written by a patient at Spire Harpenden Hospital